Thursday, December 29, 2011

Woman of the Week - Kim Sharma

Alright everyone,

I apologize i've been gone for a while...a year haha but now i'm back and getting this blog off the ground again. I just want to get some content back out there for all of you so i'm gonna start easy with another woman of the week!

I'll get some more serious content out soon. But for now please enjoy the beautiful Kim Sharma. I know she may not be an actress that many of you know here in North America but she's a huge Bollywood star and recently did an incredibly sexy photoshoot for Maxim, so here you go gents:

Well hope you enjoy my first foray back into the blog and our latest international girl. I unfortunately don't speak Hindi and haven't seen her films but she's gorgeous and talented (so i hear) and thats why she's our girl of the week



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